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The IAMFINE Protocol for Beauty and Wellness

Do YOU want to look and feel 10 years younger?.


Take Control of Your Aging Process

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  And that it breathes and supports you on SO many different levels- it contributes to your health, ability to detox, and yes, of course, your beauty.  My name is Dr. Anne Marie Fine and I KNOW that you can turn ON and off the genes in your body that create healthy skin and a healthy LIFE!  That's called epigenetics and I am going to do a deep dive on how we can use this information to turn back the hands of time so that we LOOK and FEEL better!

Epigenetics Influences AGING and Health

Epigenetics is the health revolution of the 21st Century!  No longer is our health and aging process held hostage to genetic destiny, with us as hapless victims of genetic roulette.  Now we can be enthusiastic participants in creating our own health and beauty through the 100 or more decisions that we make every day!

Find out how to correct the lifestyle mistakes that are AGING you and the secrets to programing YOUR DNA for health, vitality, and younger-looking skin!

Food is Actually INFORMATION for Your GENES

One of the ways we turn on our beauty genes involves the magic of food.  Food is not just food, or calories, it speaks directly to our genes telling them to turn on or turn off.  We have multiple choices to eat throughout the days which translates into multiple opportunities to make sure we are turning the RIGHT genes on and off!

Find out exactly WHICH foods turn on the right genes, and WHICH foods accelerate aging.  Hint- the Standard American Diet contains too many of the latter foods.


There is No Beauty Without Beauty Sleep

Find out how interrupted sleep can epigenetically modify your genes-  in a bad way. The new research on sleep shows that it is vitally important to our health and beauty.  Find out how to sleep your way to better health and beauty.  

Detoxification for Health and Beauty

Your skin is a  major organ of detoxification. One of the major secrets to optimal health and radiant, glowing skin is....DETOXIFICATION.  And yet no one is  talking about it.

Find out how to incorporate gentle detox strategies in your lifesyle to tap into this amazing secret!


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